G.I. Joe thread - 02/01 G.I. Joe Day Reveals: Doc, Torch and more


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So, something I've been wondering about for a while is how the opening of the G.I. Joe movie -- the original one, of course -- might have differed from what we got. Maybe they just swap out the words "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" for "Action Force: International Heroes", and the rest remains the same, right?


Finally being in a state of mind to think about it AND in a position to actually look at the same time, I recently decided to pull it up.

What I found truly shocked me.

Holy moly, what a downgrade.

I mean, the tune isn't bad in its own right or anything, but... it doesn't feel like a theatrical-level upgrade from the weekday afternoon theme, you know? To say nothing of being truncated.

Here's ours, for those who need a reference:

To one fan's credit, they did try to at least add in the missing footage and some other stuff, but still...

I watched the Action Force version and immediately needed to watch the real one.

LBD "Nytetrayn"

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Continuing from the Transformers 40th thread...

So, what was the verdict on Sigma 6? Not just when it was active, but over time?

I liked it, and it lasted two seasons, which isn't too bad. I felt like it was a good reinvention, and looking around at comments on YouTube for the intros lately, people who grew up with it seemed fond of it.

I know the toys apparently didn't do too well due to scale, but... well, look where we are now.

4Kids definitely made some questionable voice acting choices for Duke and Scarlett, swapping out their actors halfway through season 1 with significantly worse voices that they kept for the remainder of the series. Duke went from sounding like a credible commanding officer to sounding like a dudebro teenager, while Scarlett went from sounding like a competent soldier to a stereotypical southern belle.

I don't remember noticing the change at the time, but looking at it recently, I noticed that he sounded like Tristan from Yu-Gi-Oh (and yeah, Gregory Abbey played both).

So now I have this thing in my head where I want to see a parody where Duke sounds like Tristan from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, i.e. like Bullwinkle.


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I couldn't watch the cartoon personally - just found it obnoxious.

The figures were cool but yeah, the sizes were tricky and probably part of why I mostly don't collect Classified either. Funnily enough, I just put away my small S6 display to replace it with my small Classified display centered around the Haslab HISS.

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I still maintain that Sigma 6 was the last truly great action figure product we’ve seen. I still think had it come out just 2-3 years sooner? The GI Joe brand would have gone in a much different direction.
But the toys? The presentation, the detail, the accessibility, the styling, nothing made in the last 20 years has even come close to that. Especially now that “kids” and “collectors” are completely split off segments. Even the 2.5” line, for all its many faults, had one of the finest presentations of any product line of the era or today.

But how about some rumors?
First off, some new Retro carded listings have popped up, revealing a few unknowns, but also revealing Beachhead, Cobra Eel, Cobra Snow Serpent. My expectations are repaints/minor tooling changes to prior figures, but fewer accessories to accommodate the price point. Reportedly, there are also listings for Classified 60th Action Pilot and Action Marine to join the Diver and Soldier already on deck.

Also, no word if ReAction or o-ring but…Super7 is making Fatal Fluffies. That is all


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Finally got my Hisstank today. This thing is amazing.


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Don't know if this is old news or not, but found the Jada VAMP and Stinger at Walgreens in a display of 1/32 scaled pull-back-and-go cars and trucks. They say Jada right on them, and have been refitted with the pull-back-and-go feature. No packaging, just a sticker with the barcode on the bottom. They had 3 VAMPS and 2 Stingers, 6.99 each or 2 for 12. Don't know how regional those assortments are, but they might be worth keeping an eye out for if you wanted to "troop-build" them.


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More Dreadnoks is a good thing!

(I think Im just gonna place m Knawgahyde with them on my shelf. Seems to fit the aesthetic)

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Great reveals yesterday, even if there isn’t much for me to say about each figure on their own merits (Hasbro does good work, there is some light modernization, but Pretty retro).
I’m a sucker for Tiger Force, so those are a given. Probably see how much I can get for my Heavy Assault Roadblock to pay for the set, too. Doc and Torch are fine, and I dig the decision to throw in the second iteration Night Creeper head sculpt in with that release. Jinx turned out great, and I’ll need her to fill out my Movie selection. Gnawgahyde was a big character from my youth, so he’s a sure fire order, even if I’m not entirely happy with him likely being a deluxe offering akin to Mutt.

Now that Classified Retro is an ongoing thing, I’m hoping this is the reason we’re seeing some shift away from the purely classic look of some characters into some “neo-modern” takes like Tripwire, Doc and Jinx are doing.

And for new stuff that is actually available to order:
Super7 Ultimates posted their newest wave, themed after the Girls of DiC. Repaints/retools of Baroness, Lady Jaye, and Scarlett reflective of how they appeared in the 1989-1992 DiC GI Joe series. Baroness, in particular, comes with a bunch of Operation: Dragonfire accessories, including the pass through medallion, Snake Cobra Commander and the Annihilator SMG (which was the defacto main Cobra weapon in the mini series). Both the Joe gals come with “later era” weapons and Scarlett even gets her credit card from her sparse appearance in 1992!.

Also from Super7, initial solicitations slipped out (and were revoked) for the first wave of o-ring figures. Seems we’re trading in volume of figures for more sophisticated figures as only 4 figures are in wave 1: Cobra Commander (cartoon, likely movie version with a cape), Covergirl (cartoon, blonde), BAT (comic, likely blue base), and Snake Eyes (comic, not clear WHICH version).
Leaked listings also confirmed Ramar and Duke on tap as well.

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So…if anyone is interested…you can get Snake Eyes Origin Classified Akiko from Amazon for $3.50, if you’re a Prime member.


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Mmmm... I don't have any attatchment to or desire for that character and damn that price is still making me want to bite.

-ZacWilliam, super cheap Legends/Classified/Black figures are one of my weaknesses.

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