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Yeah, the "grape soda and chocolate donuts" thing came from the comics as the Dreadnoks comfort food of choice, likely because anything stronger would have probably been 'inappropriate' in a kids' war toy ad...
And, yeah, Springfield is kind of a fixture in the comics as one of Cobra's primary bases (partly because there is a Springfield in almost every state in the US), but the Springfield in the cartoon has that cool "The Prisoner" vibe which was so very awesome!

Who wants more Skuxxoid?! ....*crickets chirp*....Well, TOO BAD, you're gonna get more Skuxxoid and you're gonna like it! We get three pages where he returns home only to find it dark and empty. I guess he forgot that his wife and kids left him (or they're dead, it's a little hard to tell). So, he sits all alone in the dark...sadly brooding over the path his life has gone down as he questions his life choices. ....what is this plot line? I honestly thought we were done with Skuxxoid after the Energon Universe FCBD special. Now, we're dealing with his family drama? Why?! Where is this going, Kirkman?!
Next title in the Energon Universe: The Walking Skuxxoid Dead!


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TF #9 out today!

Feels like things are really starting to move here, as Soundwave links up with Cybertron (briefly), dovetailing Elita's story into the Earth one, and it seems like the conflict might really rip open... we had a limited number of troops and resources on Earth, cut off from Cybertron, but I'm not sure it'll stay like that long as the portal probably isn't too damaged. Certainly Shockwave doesn't think so.

And as for Shockwave, I'd say this is a different take on him, not really the comic or cartoon personality. In fact, he kinda reminds me a bit of Animated Lugnut? Not in the sense that he's a brown-noser for Megatron, but that he likes to make grandiose proclamations (I'm sure there's a better comparison, just having trouble thinking of one).

As I see the current numbers on Earth:

Autobots: Optimus, Wheeljack, Arcee, Elita, Beachcomber
(Damaged: Ultra Magnus, Jetfire)
(Captured: Cliffjumper, Jazz; captured/dead?: Ratchet)

Decepticons: Soundwave, Laserbeak, Rumble, Shockwave, Astrotrain, Thundercracker, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Scrapper, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Onslaught, Brawl (top half)
(Damaged: Ravage)
(Captured/damaged: Skywarp)
(Elsewhere: Megatron)
(Dead?: Starscream)

Definitely dire odds for the Autobots at the moment, though Beachcomber showing up mysteriously could be a hint of help to come.


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If "Brawl (top half)" means what I think it means, shouldn't that count as damaged?

Yeah I'm probably splitting hairs, but I guess I was thinking of the "damaged" category as "alive but not really able to contribute" whereas we've seen a top-half-only Wheeljack be able to help out. Might be more similar to Jetfire I suppose, where he's limited.

Also - is this the first time Shockwave has ever mass-shifted and been fired as a handgun by someone else? Megatron's done it all the time, but I can't remember Shockwave ever doing so (as opposed to just flying around as a giant gun). I guess Bruticus fired him once, but he didn't mass-shift.
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so I'm really happy to see Beachcomber show up. Underrated and underused character. Anyways they released a preview of the next issue today and on the first page it shows Beachcomber getting thrown out of the Ark above Earth and it says "millions of years ago". I thought they went with less time in this version? Looks like they are going back to millions of years....or it is an editing error.


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Something no one has commented on: Astrotrain. This issue really made me like him quickly. Last time he was an angry brute, but now we see that he's actually a pretty noble warrior, for a Decepticon in this series. He'll do what he has to to achieve his mission, but he wont like it or be proud of it. It doesn't even seem like he wants Spike to come to harm... but will allow it if it means survival for his species. He'd rather not have to hurt to take from weaker creatures, but his back's kinda against the wall. It makes him a great antagonist.


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It also sets up a nice contrast with Megatron. We’ve been getting a string of pretty noble Magneto-esque Megatron’s lately so this one essentially being a “robot Hitler” who would go so far as to imprison his own soldiers who have a conscience is definitely a new direction


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Scareltt #1 also came out last week. I didn't have anything really interesting to say about it, so I guess I forgot to talk about it. It's a perfectly fun spy and ninja story. You know, that old chestnut. But, there's no real Transformers connection yet, and I get the feeling there probably won't be. So, it's fun, but skippable if you don't really care about the GI Joe side of things.

Scarlett and Jinx are...much closer in this universe than I expected. I'm not sure how much I should be reading into their relationship, but...yeah, the shippers will be eating well with this series, I think.

The only way I could see Transformers making it into this comic is if the Arashikage Temple turns out to be Scorponok or something. Or one of their statues turns out to be Bludgeon in disguise. It'd be neat, but I doubt it. Though, there is a mention of a "weapon" of some kind in the snowtop ninja temple.

Also, I 'm a little surprised we actually didn't see Snake Eyes, yet. Storm Shadow seems to be our main villain focus for this mini, and I do like his reveal here.

Scarlett taking on a army of ninjas solo was pretty cool, though. Neat action scene.

But, yeah, Transformers #9 is out and I'm enjoying it.

They are going a little "original animated movie" on this cast. Given how easy it is to heal Transformers in this universe, I'm not too worried. But, it does get a little much.

Still, you can't say stuff didn't happen this issue. It's still a action-packed comic. This is basically a few big fight scenes. But, they're frenetic fight!

All this talk between Soundwave and Shockwave about being "brothers" is starting to feel a *little* cult-like, not gonna lie. I mean, sure, Decepticons and all, but still, it could be set up for something, down the line. They are both pretty "logical". I guess I can see them sharing similar viewpoints and beliefs

"Giant glowing holes in the ocean, man Earth is SO WEIRD" Heh. It's almost cute that Cliffjumper thinks this is a natural phenomenon.

Jetfire just...CANNOT catch a break. Even stuck in a living purgatory that is his alternate mode, he gets blasted out of the sky. I feel like someone has a grudge against this poor guy.

Nature abhors a vacuum. If you get rid of one guy who can transform into a gun, another will take his place!

Oof, though. Poor Ratchet. Getting a giant glowing blue hole blasted in his chest like that will take WEEKS to buff out!

Apparently, Optimus and Shockwave have history in this universe. Hopefully, we get a flashback, eventually or something.

Spike might be paralyzed, so that's not great. On the bright side...upgrade time? He'd probably look pretty spiffy in Masterforce armor.

Personally, I kind of dig Astrotrain speaking in old timey barbarian-ish speech. Gives him a Conan the Barbarian sort of vibe. It's unique, what can I say?

These guys sure love their pro wrestling. Shockwave busting out a suplex on Optimus is something we haven't seen before! I'm starting to get Ultimate Muscle/Kinnikuman flashbacks from this comic!

Hey, the Elita-1/Mystery Guy/Probably Ultra Magnus plotline finally dovetails with our main story! They just walk out of the space bridge portal Shockwave just came through! Maybe next issue we'll finally find out for sure who this guy is!

I do appreciate Elita-1 finding the time to stop Bruticus from being able to form. We don't need a repeat of the end of the last story arc QUITE so soon.

Cliffjumper and Jazz get left behind. Which means Shockwave will get a chance to "play". So...what do we think he's gonna do to them? Try to make Headmasters? Turn them into beasts? Put their minds in human bodies? This IS Shockwave we're talking about, it's gonna be something memorable. And probably graphic, given this comic.

Astrotrain actually feels pretty sympathetic right now. I mean, he's still willing to kill anyone who gets in his way, but he's not happy about it. It's just "us or them" to him.

Spike's heading towards being one of Shockwave's experiment's, but don't worry....Beachcomber is here! Beachcomber will surely save everyone!

...Okay, well, Spike was a nice character to have around for a little while. I'll miss him.

Okay, for real, this would be a interesting moment to bring the Wreckers into this continuity. Although...given this comic's love for the cartoon...and since Shockwave's already here...I feel like the Dinobots are maybe more likely?


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All this talk between Soundwave and Shockwave about being "brothers" is starting to feel a *little* cult-like, not gonna lie. I mean, sure, Decepticons and all, but still, it could be set up for something, down the line. They are both pretty "logical". I guess I can see them sharing similar viewpoints and beliefs

Maybe its literal, their the Wave brothers, Sound and Shock. :p

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