Dumb, lame, ridiculous and bad things about the 1980s


i cant take it anymore im at my limit
wasn't silverhawks made by the same people as thundercats or summat


All Hail Galvatron!!!
Because for those of us that were there, it wasn’t all fun and games that our rose-tinted glasses remember it being. This is not hating on the 1980s, just poking fun at it.

They made a Rubik’s cartoon based on the toy.

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I entering this post thinking what could be wrong about the 80's... then I saw the picture os Rubik series, and inmediatly remembered Punky Brewster animated... my brain should have blocked that memories. I used to draw that face and glue it to my sister's Rubik cube. That series was lame, also the Punky with some sort of being, Glimmer or something it was called...

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