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Proof that Spin Masters are no fools, they've released some press info on the major releases as part of The Flash toy line. And there is a LOT of Batman...

Let's face it, the big thing anyone is REALLY going to want is the $200 RC 89 Batmobile. Limited Edition my butt, this thing is going to be carried by everyone. And unlike typical movie stuff, I actually see this as potential hot item.
I've been trying to cut back, but Batman 89 is something I'll always point to as a seminal film/experience to me as a nerd and fan. This item is REALLY pushing my budget resolve with its $200 price point...

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So, here’s a guide to The Flash toy products. The only spoilers will be those available in toy form on the initial day of release. The only spoiler, of sorts, I know of is the inclusion of a second antagonist not featured in the trailers (Yet…). For simplicity, whenever I refer to a Batman, it’s Keaton. Batfleck is obvious. “Young Barry” is the name being applied to the Barry Allen using the modified Batman suit in the film.
I will say I’m HIGHLY disappointed that NONE of the figures of Keaton feel like a good interpretation. The man has REALLY distinctive facial features (particularly his high brow and lip structure), and Kenner nailed a solid sculpt 30 years ago.

McFarlane DC Multiverse-
A full wave featuring Batman, Batfleck (though, NOT in the film’s blue and grey deco), Supergirl, Flash, Young Barry Flash, and Dark Flash. No BAF. $20-25
DCM Batwing- McFarlane Store exclusive, $250
DCM Batcycle- $30
DCM Batmobile- $60 (Pre-sold out at Entertainment Earth!)
Batman (Unmasked)- Target exclusive

Spin Master Kids Line- As with The Batman and Black Adam, expect a number of retailer exclusive bundles and figures. I’ll keep this updated as much as I can. With those prior films, Spin Master basically kept it to “one wave” per film. But with Aquaman not due until the end of the holiday season, it’s possible we might see a second wave of products in the fall.
Mass Release-
12” figures of Batman, Flash, Young Barry, and Dark Flash are confirmed. ~$10
4” Single Figure Assortment- The only figures currently slated are Batman, Flash, Young Barry and Dark Flash. Given the other figures who’ve been tooled, a theoretical second assortment (if it happens) would likely include Zod, Supergirl, and Batfleck. ~$9
Batwing Ultimate Set- Has the Batwing, plus Batman and Flash. ~$25
Batmobile- Not up for preorder, but leak images have shown it. Probably in the $25-30 range.
Speed Force Flash- A 12” figure with lights and sounds. ~$25

1989 RC Batmobile- This is just…awesome. Features an RC Batmobile with lights and sounds and water “smoke”. Includes Batman and the charging deck is styled after a Batcave setup. $200

Exclusives- If The Batman was any indication, there will be a BUNCH of exclusive bundles, with several offering exclusive figures. It’s probably worth waiting for the dust to clear before buying to maximize your budget and minimize duplicate figures (which will still happen, but…)
Target- A 12” “scaled” Batwing was leaked. Expect more.

Walmart- None yet, but snagged a number of 4” exclusives for both lines last year, including exclusive figures

The Flash Ultimate Battle Set- Comprising Batman, Flash, Young Barry, Supergirl and Zod. Unlike prior bundles, all single figure accessories are present. Zod is ONLY available in this bundle at the moment $40
Batwing Battle Set- The 4” Batwing with Supergirl, Flash, and Nam-Ek (explicitly stated to be an exclusive to this set). $35

Unknown- A 4” figure of blue/grey Batfleck with Batcycle has been leaked, but no details on where he’ll end up.


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Anyone still looking for this guy? The deals may be afoot...



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After a couple of years, they are out and BBTS has some in stock...
I couldn't resist. The ultimate 6" 89-style Batman. This movie and toy line were such HUGE parts of my childhood, I couldn't NOT jump on the chance

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I really should up and get my own blog or something to post about some of these toys. But until I do, you will all suffer with me!

Spin Master is gearing up for a new phase of toys this fall. Because they, functionally, don’t promote their kids stuff, I’m only finding bits and pieces of information. A broader trend I’m seeing is cost reduction: most of the fall assortments of basic figures are ditching the plastic shells and reducing accessories down to 2, instead of 3 (though, just from what I’ve seen, the accessories themselves are a general improvement over the last couple of years).

No information on Aquaman 2, yet. I’d be very surprised if a toy line wasn’t made, but it might not hit until closer to the film’s release as Blue Beetle and remaining Flash stuff gets sold off.

Blue Beetle, based on the film due next week, has a smattering of product hitting shelves. A couple of basic figures (two variations of Jaime Reyes) and the main villain, Carapax, available in both 4” and 12” sizes. There is a 12” feature figure and a roleplay mask. Despite some merch and info suggesting the appearance of the Bug in the film, there is no indication that Spin Master has made a toy of it.

The Flash- Film was a bomb, but toys must have done well, at least to a degree. Many locations are still maintaining some support, but most have started to clear things out.

DC Superheroes- With the packaging change, the only new figure I’m aware of is Black Adam, who looks like a retool of Shazam. Probably some batch/deco variations of carryover figure molds, but nothing major. 12” is getting a push with an “Armor Up” Superman.

Batman- The workhorse of Spin Master’s DC range, the 2024 branding refresh has started to hit. No major “theme element” I can discern, but the new hero figures are sporting more “tactical“ looks compared to prior molds. Single figures appear to keep their plastic shells and 3 accessories…for now. Deathstroke is getting a refresh, but it looks like SM invested in some new figure tooling: I’ve heard of a refreshed “Classic Rebirth” Batman with an improved headsculpt, at least in promo images. New molds are up for Nightwing, Robin, Killer Kroc and Joker. Batman has AT LEAST two new molds I can confirm, plus the aformentioned grey refresh which I can’t. One new Batman (seeing the heaviest use) is a new “tactical” mold. It can be found with the Crusader Batmobile (an Arkham inspired entry with a large passenger/jail aft section), the Transforming Batcycle set (with the new Killer Kroc) and the Gotham City Guardian set. The other new mold is a Future State inspired entry with a trenchcoat. The 12” segment is getting a transforming Batcycle and a couple of Armor Up set akin to what Superman is getting. Plus a new 12” Joker mold.

Going to vehicles, the new battle set is a transforming Batcycle (pretty sure a repaint) with the “armored tactical” Batman and a new, and quite impressive, Killer Kroc. I already talked about the Crusader Batmobile. The big entry for the year is the Gotham City Guardian set. Features a Batwing, Bat-tank, Batcycle and “Mobile Command Station” that go from individual vehicles to a combined mech robot.

Amazon has links up for most large items, plus a 4 pack of the new Robin, Nightwing, Joker and Future State Batman molds. YMMV on finding the single figures at your local retailer(s).


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Been seeing the new Target exclusive McFarlane BTAS figures lately and all I have to say is WTF were they thinking? The wash on Batman and Robin looks horrible:mad:(n).

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