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Denizen of Avernus
We've all played those games where we create our own avatar (probably too many to list). So post some pics of some of your favorites (or not so favorites).


Final Fantasy XIV
Name: Neera Iryut
I have her in multiple classes, but primarily a Machinist (shoots guns)


Baldur's Gate III
Name: Kieren
Drow, Warlock


Cyberpunk 2077
Name: V


Saints Row


Kingdoms of Amalur


Skyrim (PS5)
Name: Kailen
Stealth Archer


Skyrim (Switch)
Name: Khalien
Stealth Archer


Nonstop Baaka
Caldwin... are you sure you want to post this? Do you have any idea of the sheer volume and insanity of characters I've created in video games? Be glad most of them have been lost to time. Some were created merely for the purpose of being as eye-searing as possible.
Bemoan your fate when I find the ones that still exist or when I get screenshots.
You have been warned....
*dramatically flares a cape and skulks off into the fog*


Denizen of Avernus
Well, I mean, that sounded ominous. So now I'm rethinking this whole thing. But I already made the thread. So I guess my fate's been sealed. 🫣
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Fabulously Foxy Dragon
Be careful asking altaholics about their characters...

First, my only real Skyrim character - I did start a second one once, but never got to far on that playthrough.


Silent-Voice, the last Shadowscale(and stealth archer)

Now to continue the Elder Scrolls theme


Already shown artwork of this gal in my Mayhem thread, but here's Speaks-With-Bones, Argonian Necromancer Deathspeaker, and Aldmeri-based Vestige


Ahnkirra, Khajiit ice witch (aka Warden healer) and vestige sworn to the Pact


Lunaria Valeris, Imperial werewolf templar, as well as a vestige well-known in Daggerfall lands

Then for a total genre switch up:


My only "permadeath" character. You don't -really- name characters in NMS, but I called her Selene, after the head design. there's also no real classes, but she is bound to a living ship, and has an additional wing of like-minded pilots and living ships backing her up.

And from Star Trek Online:


The senior officers of the FDV Worldbreaker(shown above).
Far Left: Ket, chief engineer, and a bit of a rogue. If you need parts for something, he'll find it, somehow. And you really don't want to know how.
Left and to the back: Zahara, Chief of Security and personal bodyguard for K'tara, the ship's commander.
Middle: K'Tara S’Vass dar M’Vissi, minor Ferasan noble and former Science officer of the KDF, made Captain when she returned to the Ferasan fleet so she can use the ship and its resources to develop her gravitic weapons research. Still nominally on loan to the KDF with her ship.
To the right: R'Moll and S'Danza. Nicknamed the "Terror Twins" they're siblings who tend to constantly act on their own initiative, whether ordered to or not. R'Moll acts as the ship's chief medical officer, while S'Danza is more focused on the temporal applications of K'Tara's findings, and the main reason the two are on the Worldbreaker.



A not-so-great image of Captain M'Rel of the Gagarin-class battlecruiser, the USS Warlock(pictured above). I do have a AU artpiece of her I've also posted elsewhere I believe, and I'd be remiss to post the Worldbreaker crew and not post her, as she was my second ever STO character.

Then back to Fantasy(of a sort):


Glitch Sootpaw, Charr (cyber-)Mechanist of the Iron Legion, former Commander of the Pact, and now Wayfinder of the Astral Ward. the goggles may be replaced soo with something more fitting, but they didn't have any goggles she could put up on her forehead.


Athena Ghoststalker, Charr Deadeye sniper and no-nonsense Blood Legion warrior who's tired of everyone's sh*t

Don't have Shadowrun installed right now or I'd show my dwarf rigger/decker, and most of my other GW2 characters I haven't settled on a look for yet. I also have a bunch of more one-note ESO characters, but the ones above are the most meaningful to me. I considered posting my past WoW mains but didn't have any good images of them and can't get any now. since I've not played for long enough they wouldn't show up in the Armory. Same for my Phantasy Star Online characters - those images are oooold. I also have a LOT more Star Trek ONline bridge crews, a few of which are meaningful to me, but I figured I was probably getting close to some kind of image limit and I have other things to do tonight.


Nonstop Baaka
Ok, so I found some old pics saved to my Imgur account. Linking instead of posting the pics so I don't flood the thread.

These are potato quality avatars from a generator that uses items from Gaia. This was a website around the ancient 2000's that you could make/dress up a sprite and poke around forums, play minigames, etc. Like Neopets. The generator was not official, and let you choose from ALL possible items. No idea if either place still exists, just found these old images saved. Not all of these chars are mine, some are borrowed from Mayhemmers (w/ permission).

Miitopia avatar from the original version of the game. Again, potato quality. Took pics off my 3DS.

Avatar from Dream Daddy, a yaoi game where you can date other dads.

FFXIV avatar, showcasing his badass hair. He has been changed into a bunny boy, but sadly that hair is not available for buns.

Miitomo avatar. Basically Miis but with more clothing options. I don't even remember this game/site.

There were also some screencaps/pics from Animal Crossing New Leaf, but the customization options in that one weren't that robust. More to come later!

Edit: Ok, so the link to the Gaia dump isn't working. Guess I'll add it here.
Old Gaia avatars
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This is how a unicorn comments

There you go, probably the best pic I have of the only character for a game I've ever created. At least the only game I've played any significant amount of time on. Back when you could upload these to Facebook before they took that away.

I can't think of any other game I might have an avatar in. I know I played a bit of Dragonball Xenoverse 1, but didn't get far. I've played a little of Skyrim but I only have the VR game now and an avatar in that defeats the purpose.

So yeah this is it. If I end up thinking of another game I'll see about getting a pic, but I don't think there are any.

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