Brian K Vaughn's Paper Girls season 1

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I'm in the middle of watching Brian K Vaughn's Paper Girls and only at ep 5 do I feel prompted to react here.

I don't know anything about the comic series before but Vaughn does awesome comics but has a not-so-good track record with tv shows.

(Y the Last Man show was cancelled and I didn't finish watching his Runaways show, even though I read both comic runs and they rocked).

Paper Girls was compared to Stranger Things and, yeah, four kids on bikes in the 80s where sci-fi things happen sounds same-ish. Humor seems to be lacking with the girls tho.

But the adventure is intriguing, as it crosses into our personal frame of reference (ish).

Anyhow, I'll just spoiler tag some stuff. I'm not done with that season yet so dunno what else is coming but

Yeah, time travel. To the distant future of 2019. Wow.

Robot jox fighting! Haha!

Jason Mantzoukas? What's he doing here?

Anyhow, anyone else following it?


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I've read the comics. Haven't seen the show.

In the comics:
Yeah, they go full-on inter-generational Time War with it. It gets really paradox-y.

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Feel the fear!
I clicked on your spoiler after I finished the 8 eps.

Well, maybe that will happen next season? I'm super disappointed that they finish the season in a meaningful way, ala Stranger Things season arcs.

Characters are great. Later, they seem very PC but, still, great actresses.

We saw a small bit of action sci-fi so if there's more, that would be cool.

Fave is the overachiever. She took to temporal talk like it was nothing. Good for her.

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