Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

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Well, Warner Bros.'s 'business strategy' has resulted in another delay to the second Aquaman film, now scheduled for Christmas Monday 2023.



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I liked the first Aquaman a decent amount.

That trailer did nothing to make me want to see the Movie.

-ZacWilliam, also I don't care about the off set drama one way or the other but one actress sure was conspicuous in her absence in that trailer.

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Ok, I saw it.

Huh. Even with fantastic cgi, it's not that memorable. Orm Oceanmaster was cool and was actually more memorable than Aquaman himself. Randel Park also had more dimensions in his role. Dang, Aquaman and Black Manta were kinda just nothing there.

The pirate place and Atlantis feel like they should be in outer space. Really cool looking 'alien' beings and tech.

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