2021 Game of the Year


I realize there's still 2 months to go, but it's still fun to think about.

I'm not counting remakes, upgrades, ports or collections or else Mass Effect Legendary Edition would win hands down, no contest, lock the thread.

That said, if I'm not counting the above, there hasn't been much I particularly cared about. Mass Effect, Capcom Arcade Stadium, Castlevania Advance Collection. Past that most of my time has been devoted to Cyberpunk 2077 and Breath of the Wild.

I do have a couple nominations though.

Life is Strange True Colors:
Easily my favorite of the series. It has some dark parts to it. But of the series, it has the most fun and laid back feel. I really did enjoy this one.

Metroid Dread:
I don't know if this unseats Super Metroid as best Metroid in my mind. But it's definitely the first Metroid to even make me ask the question.


Maystor missspelur
Metroid Dread

One of the very few new games I got this year and it is good


Kaiser Dragon
Yeah, Dread for me as well. I know there've been other new games this year, but it's honestly the only thing that's even jumping to mind other than Skyward Sword HD.

Haze Arquebus

Cursed Punweaver
Unsighted. Loved Dread, but I gotta give my point to an indie underdog. Especially one that made me enjoy parrying, and as such actually enhanced my Dread experience since I opted to get Unsighted first. (Even if the button muscle memory did mess with me a bit playing them back to back, oops.)

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