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Official HASCON Photos from Hasbro

Hascon has come and gone but it’s still on everyone’s mind as we enjoy the reveal pics and start to digest all of the other information that came in. Look for further galleries from the convention and several interviews in the days to come but for now enjoy this gallery of pics straight from Hasbro themselves. Not specifically Transformers related […]

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Somehow Even MORE Pics of Upcoming Takara Legends LG-61 Clonetron Set, LG-62 Targetmaster Windblade & LG-63 G2 Megatron

So you’ve likely already enjoyed our previous entry on stock photos of the upcoming Legends releases, including the big reveal of (Hero) G2 Megatron. Probably think that you’ve seen it all with these figures. You would be wrong, because once again Allspark retired staff member and first ballot Hall Of Famer Powered “The Randy Rodeo” Convoy brings us even more. […]

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Takara Movie The Best MB-12 Jazz, MB-13 Bonecrusher, MB-14 TLK Megatron, and MB-15 Lockdown Photos

Fresh set of stock photos for the upcoming Takara Movie The Best line. We’ve got MB-12 Jazz (which now comes with the Final Battle Jazz weapon), MB-13 Bonecrusher which features more grey than the original (which Bonecrusher simply hates), MB-14 The Last Knight Megatron (featuring lots of paint apps, especially on the head), and MB-15 Lockdown (with battle mask and […]

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Live Video from the HASCON Transformers Special Dinner Event

Longtime Allspark community member Sprocket has already posted two videos from the Hascon Transformers Special Dinner Event, which cost $200 to attend and is expected to include the Hall of Fame and potentially other reveals. Continue reading for the links and we will be updating this story as more videos are posted. And of course if TF reveals pop up […]

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