BotCon Has Been Delayed Until 2022, and Other News

Our friends over at BotCon have sent us an update regarding the scheduling and other news regarding the convention. It should come as no surprise given the multitude of other delays and cancellations throughout 2020 and in the lead up to 2021 due to Covid that something like this was bound to occur. Here is their official update and news below.

Hello All!
The following announcement is one we as pop culture fans have gotten use to hearing over the last year, but that doesn’t make it any less of a bummer! While efforts made across the globe due to personal hygiene, social distancing, mask wearing, and the vaccine that was introduced over the winter break indicate that by this Summer Covid-19 will be much less of a threat to the general population than it has been, we still nonetheless have canceled plans for a multi-day BotCon event for 2021. There are various reasons for this, but the primary factors include the challenges faced with holding an event of this size and being able to properly implement social distancing guidelines as well as the lead time needed to book guests and vendors. Per the latter, many of these bookings would have been made over the winter months up until now and since things were/are still very uncertain, getting people to commit just is not possible at this time. Those early commitments are something that are truly essential for any large sized show. All that said, there is no reason at this time to believe that we will not be fully back up and running as a society by next year, so you can plan on there being a BotCon 2022! We can’t wait to see you all there!
Now! For the silver lining. BotCon as we have been saying is much more than just a show. It is a brand that has been around for over 25 years and is synonymous with both Transformers and Transforming Robots in general. Assuming that conditions continue to improve and that smaller gatherings are still very safe and feasible for 2021, you can expect to see BotCon booths at various regional shows throughout the country this summer and fall. We are thrilled to announce that BotCon Booths will be at RoboCon June 18 & 19 at the Galt House in Louisville Kentucky and at the JoeFest Toy & Comic Show June 26 & 27 at the Augusta Convention Center in Augusta, Georgia. Fans will be able to chat with the BC Productions Crew, purchase the current BotCon Exclusive WASP RAIDER as well as the current BotCon T-Shirt and other BotCon related items past and present, check out some unreleased concepts, and get a sneak peek at concepts for future exclusives (when available for preview).
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See you all later this year and at our main event in 2022!
You can also connect with them over at their Discord
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