Hasbro Launches 2020 G1 Reissue Poll!

It is that time again! Time to vote on the next Reissue coming in 2020! Read on for more details!

Hasbro has launched their latest poll on which reissue you want to see on the shelves next year! This is of course for the Walmart Exclusive G1 Reissue line, where you can currently buy minibots and Optimus Prime, and, hopefully soon, Soundwave!
This year, the poll is between two bots, Blaster and Skywarp! The Classic Seeker hasn’t seen a reissue on US Soil in years, but people might want Blaster to square off against Soundwave! Just beware as Blaster, like his original G1 toy, might not come with any of his iconic tapes, as Soundwave only came with his original tape like his G1 toy did.
In the 2019 poll last year, Skywarp was also a choice. In that poll there was a choice for either Perceptor, Astrotrain, Skywarp, or Thundercracker. Out of the four, Astrotrain won the vote.
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