Generations Selects G2 Combat Megatron Listed on Hasbro Pulse; Leaks Voyager Red Wing Toy

The Hasbro Pulse website has revealed the existence of “WFC-GS01 Combat Megatron”, a previously-rumored redeco of War For Cybertron: Siege Megatron in the colors of his unreleased Generation 2 “Combat Hero” toy… and seem to have inadvertently revealed something else as well.

Combat Megatron” sees the Decepticon leader redecoed in an “arctic” color scheme of white, black and warm grey, with forest green tiger-stripe camouflage and his name splashed across his chest – certainly a fetching paint job, even if it’s not the most distinct from his base colors. It sports a new head based on Alex Milne’s Megatron: Origin “miner” design for the Decepticon leader, a design which was also used by a previous toy using this deco, the Transformers Subscription Service Pretender Megatron.
However, in what appears to be a copy/paste error, the description refers to the toy as a “Voyager Class Decepticon Red Wing figure” – presumably a yet-to-be-revealed redeco of Siege Starscream as an accidentally-created Seeker generic from Fun Publications’ BotCon 2013 comic.
I hope you’re happy, Randy.

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