TF Pulp – Binaltech Finale Comic Translation!

The Allspark is proud to present an English translation of “Outlier”, the comic strip finale to Hirofumi Ichikawa’s time-bending Binaltech saga, released last month in the Transformers Generations 2019 book. Read on to check it out!

Binaltech was TakaraTomy’s version of the Alternators toyline, which featured classic Generation 1 characters with new licensed-vehicle alternate modes. While Alternators had no particular story of its own, Binaltech featured an ongoing narrative told through prose stories packaged with the toys. Authored by Hirofumi Ichikawa, the “Story of Binaltech” took place in the early 21st century of the Japanese Generation 1 cartoon continuity, before the events of The Transformers: The Movie. Initially a straightforward tale about how the Autobots and then Decepticons acquired their new bodies, the narrative grew more complex over time, and saw the story branch off into a unique “BT World” timeline thanks to time-travel antics relating to the Beast Wars cartoon.
The final prose chapter, packaged with Binaltech Optimus Prime, was released in October 2008, but a few plot elements were left dangling. Over ten years later, Ichikawa has returned to the story with a 20th and final chapter, this time in full comic strip form, to tie off the loose ends and provide further connective tissue to the Alternity sequel series.
Thanks to scans provided by Transformers fan Markdelg and a translation by Allspark user Creedence, we can now present this finale story in English! Check it out in the gallery below, then head over to the Allspark Forums to discuss it with over fans!
Story notes

  • The author-approved translations of the original prose stories used Western character names at Ichikawa’s request, so we’ve taken that same approach here.
  • This story incorporates the events of the prose chapter originally written to accompany the cancelled Binaltech Blackarachnia toy, and which introduced both her and the Hasbro-original character Decepticharge. The events of the chapter were later inducted into official canon via an “Ask Vector Prime” entry, penned with Ichikawa’s assistance, which can be read here.