Preorders up for Transformers Generations Selects Ricochet and Swoop!

Today we get out first taste of a new Transformers Generations line, a followup of sorts to the Prime Wars set of exclusives we got recently. has put up preorders for “Transformers Generations Selects”, and the line is described as follows (emphasis ours):

“Generations Selects is a fan-dedicated collection of figures featuring special edition, limited release versions of Transformers characters. They’re mail-order only, shipped in special packaging exclusive to this line. We launched this line for our fans to expand their collection and make it truly unique.” 

The initial two figures in the line are two Power of the Primes redecos: Ricochet and Red Swoop! The 1987 Targetmaster retool sees new life in a redeco of Power of the Primes Autobot Jazz. For his part, Swoop gets a homage to his classic toy (and a nod to his original color scheme as seen on his POTP packaging).

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