Bumblebee movie: new TRAILERS are up!

Fans of the movie franchise and of the traditional G1 Transformers alike will be quite happy with a pair of new Bumblebee movie trailers that have gone up today.
First, Paramount Pictures put up a new trailer –built up to over the last couple of days with teasers that generated strong buzz about certain Cybertronian cameos. Here we have over two minutes of footage that give us a good feel for the Travis Knight-directed film set for release this holiday season.
Hailee Steinfeld’s Charlie Watson comes into possession of a beat-up VW Beetle on her eighteenth birthday, only to find out he’s a refugee of a Cybertronian war. Decepticons are out to trick Earth soldiers into finding Bee and giving him up, but — driven by the mission given him by Optimus Prime and his bond with Charlie — Bumblebee stands to put up a hell of a fight.
The trailer brings all this heart forward with plenty of Movieverse action, including some amazing Cybertronian surprises (we won’t spoil them here) and a good deal of exciting new footage. Oh, and John Cena, if you can see him!

Also just in: courtesy of Weibo user 漫港湾, we now know that a SECOND new trailer has hit, this time with even more new material. Follow the link for more, but beware spoilers, perhaps?
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