Dead On Arrival? Two Hasbro Cinematic Universe Movies That Probably Aren’t Happening

The expanded Hasbro Cinematic Universe may not be expanding quite as far as originally thought. IGN is reporting that two movies that were discussed in the writers room may never hit the silver screen.
Among the writers hired for the Hasbro Cinematic Universe writers room were John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, writers of Spider-Man: Homecoming. According to them it is unlikely that Rom: Spaceknight and M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) films will actually move to production. Goldstein had this to say:

Those are probably not likely to see the light of day, unless they’re moving on separate from us. It’s a funny thing. We spent three weeks in a room with a lot of talented writers. We broke 11 or so movies and, I don’t know. It just kind of went into the vortex. There’s been some leadership changes at Paramount, so it’s hard to say. Nobody’s contacted us about those.

Is it possible these movies will still someday see the light of day? Perhaps, but it’s looking far less likely. Who knows, if Hasbro and Paramount have lost interest in bringing ROM to the the big screen, perhaps the legal quagmire can be overcome to allow James Gunn the chance to bring his beloved character into the MCU?