New Transformers Collectible Card Game In the Works from Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast, the Hasbro subsidary behind the popular Magic: the Gathering TCG, have a new project in development featuring everyone’s favorite robots in disguise!
Revealed in an interview with company president Chris Cocks, this is one of the first instances of WotC playing in their parent company’s IP Sandbox and is currently projected to release sometime in fall 2018. The full interview with Glixel can be read here, and it contains lots of great tidbits about Wizard’s projects including possible media deals for Magic and D&D as well as a comic partnership with IDW!
If you’re only interested in the Transformers portion you can read a few snippets below:

The game hasn’t been formally announced yet, but Cocks says it’s a title aimed both at young teens and the collector and toy audience. It will come out in September or October. “We think Transformers are cool and the game has interesting, unique mechanics,” he says. “All cards are two-sided, over-sized and feel bigger, weightier in your hand.” Cocks says the game has a relatively light learning curve, but a lot of depth. “It should take one or two times to understand how to play,” he says.
The game, which has a unique rule set, is built around two decks. One of the decks is a hero deck and the other is a powers and abilities deck used to “amp up heroes.” The strategy around play, he says, is to choose the right hero with the right abilities and powers. They’re also considering making a digital version of the game, once it launches, depending on how it is received. “Transformers will be brand new to Wizards.”

All the artwork shown has been seen previously in the Transformer Legends mobile game and recently in Transformers store displays. It is unknown at this time if this artwork will be indicative of the final card game art.

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