You Probably Can’t Buy These High-End Transformers Shoes

The BAIT x Transformers party continues with a range of four wallet-busting pairs of designer sneakers, each bearing the color scheme of a popular TRANSFORMERS character. Not only will this footwear bash your bank account at $230 a pop, but you can’t just buy them, either – click through for more details.

According to the post at, the BAIT x Transformers x Diadora shoes will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis – and to even get a chance at buying them, you first have to have your name drawn out of a hat:

Sign up now for a chance to purchase the BAIT x Transformers x Diadora Pack at $230 each. Each pair of shoes comes with a corresponding collectible figure. Winners will be guaranteed the N9000 Optimus Prime and also offered the other 3 pairs (N9000 Megatron, N8000 Bumblebee, and Aeon Soundwave) at first come first served basis. Winners will be contacted by registered email starting Friday, 09/08/17. Shipping will begin on Monday, 09/11/17. Please add “[email protected]” to your email contact list to ensure that our email won’t end up in the spam folder. Also, if you are using Gmail, please remember to check the “Promotions” tab.

If this is your jam, good luck! For the rest of us, here’s a gallery of the admittedly neat-looking shoes, each of which comes with a unique package lavished with original artwork.

Oh, and yes, the shoes do come with the figurines. And if you just want those, BAIT does have them for sale on its website, and you don’t have to win a contest to buy them.