Decepticon Onslaught Details LEAKED By The Transformers Reaction Force (TRF)

In an effort to put an end to the Transformers here on Earth once and for all, the Transformers Reaction Force (RTF) has leaked sensitive information regarding the largest threats among mankind.
I can tell you, I’ve seen Onslaught first hand – a giant tow truck who’s kill list of Autobots and humans alike is legendary. But the RTF doesn’t care how many Transformers have to be destroyed. Their goal is to rid the Earth of ALL Transformers. We were able to obtain a dossier on Onslaught through their leaked channels. Be on the look out – and beware, as he is currently developing a heinous weapon known as “The Decapitator”

Word is out that Lennox and his team are attempting to get this information out everywhere, including social media and other presences on the internet. Keep a look out for other leaks coming soon! If you find them – PLEASE POST THEM HERE – we ALL need to be informed.