The Last Knight Toy Leak Roundup

It’s been a busy week in the “leaks” department, with images surfacing giving us our first looks at several The Last Knight toys. Read on for a summary!

First up, we got a look at several upcoming Deluxe Class figures, mostly via Vũ Ngọc Bách and Tomica Da Nang on Facebook. These are part of the Premier Edition line, which seems to be a newly-christened movie analog for Generations.


Barricade is a brand-new mould based on his new design for The Last Knight, packing several weapon accessories. His packaging was our first look at the “Black Series”-esque boxed packaging for Deluxes in this line.


Bumblebee is, alas, a straight redeco of his second Age of Extinction Deluxe figure, which is a odd move considering his return to his old robot design for The Last Knight. You’ll notice that the bumper design of his new alt-mode has simply been painted over the old one’s bumper!

Decepticon Berserker

Next up is Berserker, who looks to be a Grindor-esque reuse of the Dark of the Moon Crankcase design. Despite that, he has a brand-new mold!

Dinobot Slash

Finally the eagle-eyed will have noticed that the final picture in Berserker’s gallery shows line-art of the fourth figure in this wave: a redeco of Age of Extinction Slash!
It’s been confirmed that The Last Knight will feature “mini Dinobots” – perhaps a certain piece of Age of Extinction concept art, seen below, is being revisited, and we’re in for a horde of little Slashes!

One-Step Changers – with UV paint!

Finally, internal deco sheets for Barricade and Hound One-Step Changers were posted on the Taiwan Transformers Prime Facebook group. Most interesting is the presence of flame designs in UV-reactive paint on their vehicle hoods – could this be a line-wide gimmick for the non-Premier Edition figures? Presumably some larger release will feature a UV light to reveal these patterns on the smaller figures.

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