Transformers Animated Story Bible – Never Seen Before!

Thanks to The Allspark’s Powered Convoy, we have a special treat for Transformers fans – an early story bible for the ‘Transformers Animated’ cartoon, dating to March 2006!

You can download the PDF here, and get a look at the early development of this fan-favorite cartoon, as written by story editor Marty Isenberg!
The bible lays out the intended premise of the show, what will set it apart from previous Transformers cartoon, and the powers and personalities of its cast. Ratchet was once Red Alert, Bumblebee was once Hotshot, and more!
Also included is swathes of development art, given us a peek at early concepts for the visual style, before it gained its famous Derrick J. Wyatt look!
Afterwards, head over to the Allspark Forums to discuss the bible with other fans!