Voting for the 2017 TITAN Transformer is Now Open

As we told you last week, Hasbro is holding poll to let fans decide who the next 2017 Titan class character toy will be. There are three to pick from and ALL are good contenders for being granted access to shelves and toyboxes around the world.
An ongoing poll we’ve been running in the forums predicts Trypticon as the easy winner as he is currently leading by a landslide of 63% of the total vote among the three. You’re welcome to make your voice heard there and are encouraged to join in the discussion –  but in order to officially vote, you must head over on the official Transformers Facebook page and cast your vote in the poll with the hashtag #VoteScorponok #VoteTrypticon or #VoteOmegaSupreme for the bot of your choice. You can visit the link here or see the embedded post below.

The polls are open!You heard from your Titans, and now it’s time to cast your vote. Who deserves to serve as the…
Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Tuesday, November 24, 2015