Behind The Music: The Volatile History Of The ‘Knights Of Unicron’, Cybertron’s Greatest Band

We’re all fans of the band here, but how about you? How much of the history of  ‘Knights Of Unicron’ do you really know?

We now have images here showing us a 6 page program detailing the band’s history, and a selection of their best and worst moments over the years, along with other tour memorabilia including posters, and stickers. We have also included two of the most iconic photos ever taken of ‘Knights Of Unicron’, all to promote their upcoming smash hit tour at San Diege Comic-Con July 24-27, with an appearance also scheduled for, for a brief time after the event itself. These appearances ARE limited, so make sure you’re ready. Ready to buy, and ready to rock!
We’ve got a great gallery of images of each of the toys in this set, which consists of redecos of Optimus Prime, Jazz, Megatron, and Soundwave, plus their transforming instruments Laserbeak and Ratbat. That gallery is featured right here.
In the gallery below, we finally see the history of Cybertron’s biggest band, including former members, and other interesting factoids. It’s a very fun piece, with some nice references to the classic comedy film ‘This Is Spinal Tap’. After the 6 pages of the program itself, we’ve also added in some ‘classic’ memorabilia related to the group. It’s a mix of posters, stickers, backstage passes, and of course, a ticket to their show dated July 26.
Finally, there’s two of the band’s most iconic images; both the famous image of the group posing in a subway, and the quintessential image of the band in action, doing what they do best.
It’s a wonderful gallery of very fun images and text, showing a real love and passion for this wonderful exclusive set, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.