Hi-Res Scans from Transformers Generations 2014 Vol. 1

The Allspark has received a copy of Million Publishing / Hero-X’s Transformers Generations 2014 Volume 1.  Within the fantastic book is a retrospect of the past year’s Transformers releases, previews of upcoming figures, as well as a feature on every Grimlock release, and two new comics.  The Allspark has scanned in some of the pages of the upcoming releases for your viewing pleasure.  Among the scans is our first look at the design for Masterpiece Star Saber’s smaller Saber robot mode, Masterpiece Bumblebee, Masterpiece Wheeljack, a prototype of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, a prototype for the upcoming Optimus pen, and a look at Bathing Ape Masterpiece Optimus.
The book features a lot more than what was scanned by the Allspark, including more figure previews and several design sketches for upcoming and released figures.  The book can be purchased from site sponsors BBTS and TFSource alongside the mail away figure for the book, Shouki!
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