Unite for the Universe Manga (COMPLETE)

“Unite for the Universe Manga (COMPLETE)”
Written by Simon Furman
Art by Guido Guidi
Colored by Tommaso Renieri
Photoshop: NightViper
Additional Translation: Lonegamer8
Scans: Powered Convoy
Note: This manga reads Left to Right.

Might Gaine’s comments

The Allspark is proud to present Unite For The Universe in its entirety.  The Japanese dialogue in the original comics has been replaced with the original English script provided by Simon Furman.
A little backstory: This manga is a bit of an anomaly.  It was written and drawn by a Western writer and a Western artist, but it was intended to be released only in Japan.  (The only other Transformers manga like this is Starscream’s New Body from the same creative team.)  This comic was created to promote the Unite For The Universe movie subline, largely centered around a new combining Jet Power Optimus Prime.  When the line was canceled, the comic survived, becoming pack-in comics for Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee and Masterpiece Movie Starscream.  The final chapter was published–along with reprints of the previous chapters–in the Japanese book Transformers Generations 2011.
Some other observations: though this comic is intended for Japanese release, nearly all of the figures use their Western color schemes.  Also surprising is the appearance of Revenge of the Fallen Skywarp, who was not available in Japan and was released as a Walmart exclusive within the United States, and Sea Attack Ravage, a redeco not available within Japan.
It’s a superb comic all around, managing to tell an interesting story centered around some of the Movie franchise’s key characters, and yet also breathing life into some of the more obscure off-screen characters as well.  We’re really excited to be able to bring it to a wider audience.  Enjoy!