Comic Bom-Bom: Generation 2 (and bonus Yoshioka Super Turtles material)

“Comic Bom-Bom: Generation 2 (and bonus Yoshioka Super Turtles material)”
Article: Hydra
Formatting: Might Gaine
Source: Comic Bom-Bom, Aug. 1995 to Jan. 1996
Note: For this article we decided to leave the text untranslated, because it largely replicates the story from the other Japanese G2 material.

Hydra’s comments
Since G2 fiction was in scant supply, it’s great to come across any sort of material that adds to the story that effectively followed from Battlestars in Japan. I was rather surprised to find this Bom-Bom content several years back, as I hadn’t even been aware that G2 was featured in Comic Bom-Bom. It’s just now that I’ve finally gotten around to scanning the pages. The most noteworthy issue among these is a spread by Yoshioka Hidetsugu that acts as a montage of Transformer history, firmly placing G2 in the flow of events for the Japanese G1 contuinuity. Also of note is the page showing the evolution of Convoy and Megatron/Galvatron, as I’m sure that kids playing with the G2 toys in the mid-90’s would not have been aware about the Transformers legacy written a decade ago.
Although not Transformers-related, I’ve included the pages of Yoshioka’s “Super Turtles” illustrations, which ran simultaneously with G2 in Bom-Bom and was a sequel of sorts to TMNT. Probably few TF fans have seen Yoshioka’s work from other series, so I included the scans as a sort of bonus. Although an obvious Saint Seiya parody/rip-off, Super Turtles seems an interesting enough series in its own right. Being that Yoshioka’s style draws heavily from American comics, it fits the ninja turtles very nicely.