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Locusts are just grasshoppers with an extreme case of the munchies.

Or more scientifically, locusts are species of short-antennae grasshopper that are usually solitary but with the potential to form swarms in certain conditions. There's only one of him and he never got any repaints so he can't swarm if he tried.
I dunno, he did shelfwarm pretty badly for a while.

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Ah yes, I remember the Great Transquito Infestation of the late 1990's.

I remember actually finding a BWII Blackarachnia at TRU amongst the wall of Transquitos and Beast Machines Mega Megatrons.


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I remember seeing Transquitoes as late as 2002. Maybe later. TRUs cleared out of the gigantic BM Cheetors before they completely cleared out of them.


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Don't they all break eventually? IIRC it has some form of GPS
Mine wasn't GPS broken. One of the wings snapped at the hinge, while the bug face's spring-loaded pins broke out of their slots, disconnecting the face parts from the body. All the gold plastic parts are still intact.


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Looking it up, it appears that it's the Japanese release, Bigmos, who spontaneously crumbles. That's probably what I half-remembered.


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They're out there.

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Scream all you like, 'cause we're all mad here
Now I'm flashing back to my local TRU having a Supreme Cheetor drifting around the store for more than ten years after it was supposed to clearance out. Just the one, always the same figure. I stopped seeing it after a while, but I'm reasonably sure it's still there in the building, lurking behind the five pallets of Skylanders, waiting to see the light of day once more.

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