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I dunno, the Legacy Cyberverse characters have so far just been mere headswaps. The Windblade mold still looks like a version of Windblade in all its sculpting. Switch her head with someone else's and it would just look like someone else wearing a Windblade costume in different colors, like how Chromia looks like she's wearing a blue Animated Prowl costume and Shadow Striker looks like she's cosplaying as RID Side Burn.

Strictly speaking of the robot mode, of course.


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Our world's in DANGER!

Galaxy Force Starscream is ready to take over your puny and weak collection fools!
Unlock the power of the decepticon cyberkey! The key can insert in the back of Starscream’s translucent weapon for a powerup blast or it can insert in his back to infuse the chip forces power cosmic. Be sure to utilize his energon cyber blades that can manually flip out from his massively cool shoulder pilons.

As you can see from the pics, I had to bust out my old Super Supreme King Starscream to get a good comparison. I feel like this toy can now be used as like a titan army drone that SS commands. Unfortunately the crown is a bit large, but hopefully our team can find a way to release a new crown accessory for this mighty sinister evil decepticon.

Yuya san lead the way on this guy and just straight crushed it. The extra bit of articulation he added on the ankles really perform wonders!
Mixing this style into the legacy format has been really satisfying, especially putting ol SS here with other figures on my shelf. All you fans are starting to really win me over with the “golden age” of Transformers title!
Image of United Cybertron Starscream Concept Design for Legacy Voyager (19)__scaled_600.jpg

Image of United Cybertron Starscream Concept Design for Legacy Voyager (11)__scaled_600.jpg

Image of United Cybertron Starscream Concept Design for Legacy Voyager (16)__scaled_600.jpg

(Full images at this link - )
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Just a PSA about Silverbolt: He has some REALLY strong detents on his knee joints, if you're worried about the hinge you can sand or cut them down a bit (they're visible from the front when the knee is bent 90 degrees).


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After a couple times missing one factor or the other, tonight available funds and figures in stock finally aligned and I was able to snag a non-core United toy. Grabbed Thundertron at a Target in the last days of the 30% off deal for the price of a Deluxe.

Chase had been my goal but no sign of him at the two Targets I visited. Not a Silverbolt yet, who would have been choice 2, but this is a solid third option.

While I miss a few of the pirate-y details of the originals robot mode they are sufficiently made up for by a MUCH improved lion mode.

-ZacWilliam, I always liked the character and I wanted a leader for any of the Walmart Star Raiders I get.


I’d have bought one by now if not for the listings for the exclusive Thundertron
I just wish we had an image of the upcoming one so I could make an informed decision.

Though if it's sold as a Leader, it's likely a redeco with another figure, which I'd very probably get anyway.

(Still waiting on images of Road Pig, too. I mean, I basically know what he'll look like, and I know I'll get at least one, but still, you know?)

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