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I'd like all the Throttlebots possible out of the BB/CJ mold.

-ZacWilliam, then maybe a unique Rollbar and Dumptruck-guy-whose-name--sometimes-forget-Wideload?.


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Sure. I don't mind continuing to see that base mold, but I wish they'd deploy some alternate tooling for more than just the head. Feet/hood pieces. Backpack/trunk.


“Tell me you’re talking about Sky Lynx without actually telling me you’re talking about Sky Lynx”

Bulkhead was a main character in TWO different Transformers series without much adjustment to his looks. Both Sky Lynx and G1 Jetfire are incredibly niche characters that somehow managed to snag a Commander class.

An argument can be made for sales but Bulkhead has had 1000x the franchise impact those two had.
Jetfire might be niche in the context of G1 media, but the name has been attached multiple times in the 21st century to both "big guy" toys and prominent characters in the fiction, and in particular a heavily G1-based Jetfire was a memorable recurring character in Cyberverse. Sky Lynx's nature meant he was practically tailor-made for Earthrise, with its emphasis (shared with late Siege) on space travel and "playset" type bases, and it's hard to imagine a version of him that was any smaller doing nearly as good a job of being on-theme.


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Skyfire was a prominant character in S1 of the cartoon, getting a whole episode about himself, which IIRC, only the Dinobots and Constructicons got that kind of focus in that season.


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He was also the Autobots' main air bus for the latter half of season 1 and the first half of season 2, before Omega Supreme came along and replaced him (who was then replaced by Sky Lynx in season 3).


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Very anecdotal, but the only two pieces of transformers media I had permanent access to growing up was a copy of the movie taped off of HBO (thanks mom!) and a FHE tape of Fire in the Sky.

I probably have the soundscape of that episode permently emblazoned upon my brain.


I'm excited for the Beast Wars Tarantulas, Inferno and TM2 Megatron. Hoping for more show accurate stuff in the vein of Kingdom's but better.


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I thought JetSkyJetfire was the perfect choice to launch Commander class. He's big, he's bulky, and there was a demand for a toy that wholey committed to the animation look. I admit I always preferred my Jetfires Valkyrie flavoured, but I'm not gonna deny the obvious here. There was certainly a demand. And Hasbro delivered.

Sky Lynx is less obvious. I would 100% disagree with the idea that Jetfire is niche, but Sky Lynx certainly is. @Andrusi is right though. The character's alt modes were perfect for Earthrise (much like how Jetfire's Skyfire-accurate look was perfect for Siege) and the end result was a beautiful toy that did everything it had to do wonderfully.

Kingdom Rodimus is a very weird entry for a variety of reasons, so I won't touch on that but coming back around...

Bulkhead. I'd debate that Bulkhead has had more impact than Jetfire. Sky Lynx? Yeah I'll give the Bulkhead crowd Sky Lynx, but not Jetfire.

This is very anecdotal (then again so is the notion that Bulkhead had more impact) but...
To me Skyfire (and therefore Jetfire) was one of the things that made Transformers special to me.
Fire in the Sky not only gave us a backstory for Starscream that hinted at a world larger than the scope of the show, it not only gave us our first Decepticon-turned-Autobot, but it also gave us our first Autobot jet/flier at a point in the series where that seemed like something that just wasn't possible.
So hints at a broader backstory and world, first faction changer, first Autobot to have an aerial alt mode. Pretty big stuff. To little kid me anyway.

Then as I got older and looked into it I figured out his toy was this really cool looking Japanese mecha thing, not like anything else I'd seen from G1 Transformers before. It added to the mystique. As did learning about the legal stuff around him. Why they had to change his design. Why TT would never reissue him, etc...

Toss in his name being used for a prominent character in the UT and his role in RotF and I think you can certainly argue that "Jetfire" as a character has currency as a Transformers character that goes a long way for anyone who remembers the original show with any fondness.
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Given the same promo pics show Buzzworthy Cliffjumper as having clear windows I wouldn't assume the Galvatron pictures are accurate.

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