Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

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the wreckers line is overall so disappointing. leadfoot is great and was an instant buy, but i'm passing on the other 3 and waiting to see what comes tomorrow. they had a chance to make something really great here and floundered hard with unnecessary repaints
I'm sure there are a plethora of opinions on which repaints are "unnecessary" vs. "necessary" (recognizing, of course, we're talking about a toy line, so "necessary" is a strange word to use, but hopefully you get my point). For me, the issue was "unnecessary" pack-ins. Those Fossilzers are great for a lot of fans, and I don't mean to insult their opinions. I just don't share them. I deeply dislike the Fossilizers to the point where they put me off of getting toys (Impactor and Leadfoot) that I might otherwise have purchased (noting that I'm aware I could go halvsies with fans who want the opposite toys, and I hope fans able to do so find such willing partners, but I'm tired of such hassles these days. I'd ultimately rather save my money and go without the "better" toys in the sets).

Hasbro's made the decisions they made. This time, they weren't to my liking, and they won't get the sales from me as a result. I doubt my actions will make Hasbro regret their decisions.


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This is like Galactic Odyssey but without the grand finale. It's like there was a theme at some point in the brainstorming session but it morphed into a weird grab bag of stuff they just didn't know where else to put.


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I only of these. And both are getting their Wrecker sigils covered up.

Does that make me a bad person?

No, it's your constant trampling of the proletariat that makes you a bad person. Your Transformers opinions don't factor in nearly as much as you'd think.
This is like Galactic Odyssey but without the grand finale. It's like there was a theme at some point in the brainstorming session but it morphed into a weird grab bag of stuff they just didn't know where else to put.

To be fair, that's how the Wreckers came about in the first place.


I only bought TR Twin Twist the first time because I wanted him to go with Topspin, so this pushes Diaclone Twin Twist into "only get for completionism" territory, which means now enough of the subline is stuff I'd only be getting for completionism that I won't be doing that.


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If we don't get both jumpstarters in new colors I'm going to be disappointed
Prepare to be disappointed. It's like when 2 seekers get wide release then Skywarp gets a Target exclusive that damn near impossible to find. Stuck with 2 of them and you get left feeling incomplete.


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Right now, I've only preordered the first two Deluxe 2-packs. I'm content with Siege Springer and Legends Twin Twist.

Bulkhead I had refused to buy upon seeing his retail version, but this one coming with Breakdown's hammer... has made it a maybe. I have the reissue Breakdown Hasbro released through Pulse, and that hammer might look good with it. But... that's an awfully expensive hammer coming with a figure I really don't like the look of.


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This is all reminding me how much I want a new Roadbuster. The T30 is so bad.

I couldn't believe it came from the same line as Whirl and Springer. The whole figure felt so cheap (I had to return the first copy after the foot joint shredded itself).

As for this week's reveals, I'm thinking of cancelling my Springer pre-order. I'm not feeling it. I may go for Twin Twist to get the mold back into my collection again, but we'll see ...

LBD "Nytetrayn"

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I liked T30 Roadbuster...

Twin Twist has my attention...

That Bulkhead... the deco doesn't bother me so much, but I hate that the hammer seems to have no good place to go. If it could just hang off the back, maybe?


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Saving a lot of money from this batch, which will probably go to Velocitron stuff. Hope that's more readily available.

All I want from this is Leadfoot and Masterdominus, and Spindle (so if anyone wants just the Impactor, lmk). The rest look nice enough but I can comfortably pass on them. Maybe I'll budge later on Twin Twist for the obscuro pre-TF factor (the Diaclone/eHobby/etc ranks are coming along nicely). But I'm good with Fan Vote pack Impactor, I passed on Legacy Bulkhead and this is 85% that again, and for Springer I'll wait for a clean SS86 redeco, if at all.

That saves me from being even remotely tempted about getting the packaging and scanning it all; the Golden Disk stuff was like that, bolstered by the fact that I was into like 3 of the 4 packs anyway.

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If I wanted a Bulkhead I would go with this one. I do like the look of it.

I think this nominally looks better but... I passed on the original unless it hits steep discount, and it's starting to (I've even seen a UK chain clearing him out at £8.99 already on FB). So there's no way I'd pay an exclusive markup for a bit of camo pattern.

I suspect this and Springer aren't going to sell very well tbh. The two packs offered new characters, or heavy retools, or the availability of characters who haven't had toys since G1/G2. This is a modest paint variation on a wave 1 toy that is probably going to be available everywhere cheaply. It feels like Netflix Hound/Wheeljack waiting to happen again.


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Bulkhead is an easy pass for me, although someone had better have Patriot Prime at YouTube...

Springer looks like dogsh*t. How could Hasblo manage to ruin a perfectly good mold with TWO terrible paintjobs ([email protected] and worse-than-the-original-G1-toy)?


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The only downside to this subline is that I'm not feeling buying same character repaints these days but as an overall package for someone who doesn't have these characters or these molds I think its pretty good.

If I didn't have seige Springer this toy based Springer would be an instant buy.
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