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Are you getting these with subtitles? Surprised to see a German video here.

Yup, Closed Captions. Probably loses a bit in the translation, but it's friggen hilarious for how on-point it is.

Speaking of hilarious - Guillotine memes after you've educated yourself about the time period and realized 95% of the nobility and well-to-doers had relocated out of France (because they had the money to do so) long before the Guillotine came out. The bulk of its victims were the common folk, caught up in Robespierre's bloodlust madness.
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The United States has approached this whole vaccination campaign the wrong way.

They should have intentionally restriced the vaccine to people who identfy as Democrat voters. That way, the Republican voters would have felt discriminated against and made sure to get the vaccine just to own the libs.

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