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Two years ago I talked to some Dunkin workers who were complaining that gas prices were so high and their pay was so low that they were actually losing money by going to work. Their pay was not even enough to break even. The only reason they were bothering to show up was so they wouldn't have to start over job hunting someday when gas prices eventually went back down.

But people just don't want to work.


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I took a temporary paycut a few months ago to get out of a job that was slowly killing me mentally. The worst part of the new job isn't the paycut, it's the increased travel time, which has increased my fuel expenditures by around 50%.. Would have felt MUCH worse a couple years ago.

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I wish Countdown had never gone off the air. We deserve to have our own prime-time unhinged-rant-fest just like the Fox News people do!


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Bridget from Guilty Gear.
Older games portrayed Bridget as a crossdressing man who'd been raised as a girl (who wanted to prove himself as a man despite, you know, dressing and acting like that), but newer games have her as a trans woman. (This is less "retcon" than "in-universe character realization".)

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