2D/3D art OMG! I just figured out my 3D printer!


it's EPIC, in MY mind...
Ok, Quick backstory:
About two-three years ago Joanne Fab slashed the price on the Polaroid Smart Play printer to $100 (Its a tiny one with their trademark logo colors) So I picked it up with the dream of printing out the characters I designed for the DoubleClutch comic. Long story short, I failed at that attempt, and after having trouble with actually printing stuff I stored the thing away.
Fast Forward to last week; the Comic run is over and I'm bored...
I dig the 3D printer out and actually read the directions (Hey! there is this thing called "bed Leveling" and "print head calibration")
So I started printing stuff... constantly... and it wasn't until I had to modify a model (Aliens Sulaco spaceship) that I tried once more to import the ancient DoGA file format into 3D builder . . . IT WORKED!!!!

So . . . here is the first try at printing Diode my OC character:
3d printer model.jpg

diode 1st print.jpg

It's a bit rough and definitely needs tweaking (wall thickness) But here he is.
this bust is 3.5in from shoulder to shoulder and about 2.25in tall
My Mind is spinning right now wanting to print him out in parts so I can make a full model.
and then I think about how literally ANY model I have made in DoGA i can print . . .
My wife might divorce me... Peace!

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