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Yeah, playing fetch with the concrete balls is gonna end poorly.


Reminds me of an old bit from the show "Get Smart." They were discussing some criminals that all died during a raid on Fort Knox.

Person 1: "Three of the men were shot by guards as they tossed a bag of gold bars down to the fourth man on the ground"
Person 2: "How did the fourth man die?"
Person 1: "He caught the bag."


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Apparently, everything about this figure is meant to be nonviolent in nature.

The sword and gun accessories are absent. The missile pods in Optimus's shoulders are now meant to be drink canisters that he, in theory, could pop out of his shoulders for a drink. And the gun assembly from inside his trailer is supposed to fold up, attach to his arm, and act as an item scanner.

This Optimus isn't a warrior, he's a retail worker. Even his grill tummy now looks like a receipt! 😝
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If I wanted to give him weapons, I can give him the ones from SG Magnus; they're red and he doesn't need them.


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I don't quite see/understand what the "dog" is supposed to be in alt mode. Since it isn't really a cassette, is it just supposed to be a tablet or something?

Edit: Nevermind, I guess he's a package...
I'm pretty sure he's a giftcard.

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