Need help with haunted tooth brush


articulation denier
My electric tooth brush keeps turning on in the middle of the night, at first I thought it was the water damaging the batteries but even when completely dry it will randomly turn itself onto the highest setting out of nowhere
it also makes this strange crackling sound when you put it up to your ear

is an exorcism needed?

Copper Bezel

Revenge against God for the crime of Being.
Have you offered to buy your ghost a toothbrush so that you don't have to share?
Yeah, can be embarrassing for a someone to ask even when they're a ghost and everyone knows they don't have an income, so sometimes it's easier if you offer proactively. A lot of problems ghosts have, they might be shy to communicate, and they might be predisposed to think of themselves as a burden, so you really have to set down a firm foundation of nonjudgemental communication. If you come on too strong with things like "Is there a presence here?" and "What do you want?", they might become overwhelmed. Sometimes closed-ended questions, like "Flash the light twice if you're content, three times if you have unfinished business with a person here" can be easier to answer. But be open about your own feelings and boundaries too; you have a lot of power in this relationship and should be aware of that, but you do have be fair to yourself, too, and decide where to draw the salt line.


In that case, I suggest you move out, let the ghost have the house and get yourself a new place to live.


Nonstop Baaka
Get yourself a new toothbrush and leave the old one for the ghost. If it starts using the new one instead, it just likes your saliva.


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If you decide to go the garlic route, remember that you want the flowers, not the cloves.


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I know this is late but it sounds like a malfunction in the circuit board


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My suggestion is to place it in the microwave for a minute. Should solve the problem.

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