MYM - Chap2, Ep3: "Portrait of a Princess".............................(SPOILERS)

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It's Pipp and Zipp time!
What are the royal sisters up to?
And will their plans be spoiled?

The episode is now available on Netflix


Portrait of a Princess

With Pipp and Zipp focused on Royal Portrait Day,
Opaline sends Misty on an evil errand to lure the two sisters into a trap.


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Okay I couldn't stop. One more episode before game night.

Portrait of a Princess

0:34 Someday they're going to do an episode that's just a Pipp livestream. Just one 22 minute long continuous shot. Today is not that day.

0:37 Zipp's TYT goggles.

1:31 Boom headshot.

3:33 The ear twitching has returned.

4:06 Zipp allegedly used to enjoy this stuff. There's a story there.

4:33 Neck hug. Zipp is still soft inside.

5:27 There is literally nothing wrong with beige.

6:03 Zipp, that impression was spot on and you know it.

7:19 First(?) the berry juice, now the cucumber slices. Sunny has an appetite. I'm going to start watching for this.

11:14 That guard practically teleported.

11:55 G5 teaching kids to turn their geotagging off. Good Hasbro.

12:08 Pipp is being a joke, but she really does take good pictures.

12:43 "That last one was fake."

14:35 Everyone saw this coming.

14:36 Queen's still going. Oh, she's being encouraged to continue. The guards continue to be adorable.

18:33 This has 'stuck in an elevator' vibes.

21:05 Zipp's growth spurt happened early.


I mean, I didn't hate that first episode. I was happy enough to have new content with these characters, and it had its moments. But the second episode was a big step up in pacing and animation, and it wasn't a fluke. These are the production values now. This got good.

You would have to watch in slow motion to catch every expression Pipp and Zipp go through when they argue. The sibling energy is totally convincing.

I am liking this show.


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Portrait of a Princess:
Zephyr Heights Royal Princess Portrait Day! These ponies have too many holidays…

Zipp is obsessed with finding the “evil pony”. The writers are going to try to give us another lesson about “living in the moment”, but she’s kind of in the right, here.

Okay, that song from when they were fillies seems like it’s going to be really cute and heartwarming when we get to hear it later on in the episode.

What little we see of Misty’s room feels a LOT like Twilight’s room. She’s got a globe…and look…BOOKS!

Note: Opaline can…create flowers out of thin air I guess?

The portrait gets put on all their money? And they have physical dollar bills? I don’t know why but that feels weird. Is Pegasus money good in Maretime Bay? I would think they’d all have their own currencies and values. This brings up a lot of questions that this show is NOT prepared to answer. What’s the exchange rates between the different tribes?

Couldn’t they just…take a photo nowadays? I know it’s tradition and all, but they COULD just take a picture and then have somepony make a painting based off of the photo.

Mother wants her hug.

Queen Haven is trying to play along with ZIpp’s detective dreams…in a condescending way, but still.

Pipp’s favorite things are: singing, spooky stories (?),selfies, and getting pampered. One of these things is not like the others. Odd we aren’t getting a Nightmare Night or Halloween episode in MYM. Maybe in TYT.

Sunny’s impression of Zipp is cute.

The Ocean Lily is important to Zipp and Pipp’s family. They only bloom once a decade.

Queen Haven’s really grooving to that music.

How’d Misty get a cellphone? Do they just GIVE these things away?

Why would cell phone messages be similar to a ancient message from Twilight? What is ZIpp even talking about them feeling similar?

You know, I feel like this would have worked better if Pipp was being all nostalgic and wanting family time together but Zipp was distracted by her mystery…but she seems more interested in livestreaming everything, here. They’re BOTH distracted and don’t really care about family time.

Sunny’s trying to start a community garden for Earth Ponies to practice their magic. Hmm…sounds familiar somehow…

“That’s what the gardener’s for! *Haughtiest of laughs*” *SIGH* They’re trying REALLY hard to make Queen Haven unlikable here.

The Queen can sing. We know where Pipp gets it from. The song sounds familiar, too.

“What? I turned the geo-tagging off! We’re totally off the grid, basically” …This is getting a little too real.

Agan…this would work better if BOTH of the sisters weren’t being selfish in slightly different ways. And they haven’t done a great job making us care of Pipp’s ponygram, either. It’s basically been played for laughs, except in that one issue of the comic.

Huh…how’d Misty cause that cave in? I guess…magic is the obvious answer, but it would have been nice to see.

“I thought we were besties, phone” This is just a cute line.

Yup…Yup…here come the waterworks…stupid manipulative song. It’s a little too short to get that full impact, but it’s still a nice moment. Interesting that the cave lights up due to their singing, too.

You KNOW that Pipp’s going to have to actually create “Feedbag” at some point, right?

And the day is saved! Thanks to…geo-tagging…this is weird…

“I thought you didn’t like getting seaweed wraps?” The Queen spitting FIRE up in here.

WOW, they…really grew up fast in 3 years time, I guess?

So, will the Queen having that (evil) flower have consequences or was it just a normal (if rare) flower?

Oh, so Opaline’s going to pretend to be Sunny…at some point. Chrysalis wants her gimmick back.

Looking closer at Opaline’s throneroom, that tree in the middle of it kind of reminds me of the Golden Oaks Library. Could it be related?
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Really liked this episode, and was impressed by the Queen's singing voice. She needs to get her own song at some point.

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