John Wick: Chapter 4


Denizen of Avernus
I got the BluRay earlier this week but didn't have the time to watch a nearly 3-hour movie after work. Why didn't anyone tell me Donnie Yen was in this one? I mean, that coupled with an entire scene dedicated to John Wick using Dragon's Breath shotgun shells easily make this the best JW movie yet.

I mean, okay, I don't care how good his kevlar suit is, getting hit by that many cars and dropped those the very unlikely case that it didn't kill him, it would still hug him up enough to take him out of the fight. But still...Donnie Yen and Dragon's Breath!

Kinda sucks that he died at the end, but it kind of fits that now he's with his wife...and they won't be dragging this out with way too many sequels like Fast and the Furious.

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