G.I. Joe thread - 02/01 G.I. Joe Day Reveals: Doc, Torch and more

Steevy Maximus

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Leaked in package images have cropped up for a couple new, unannounced, Joe items:
Mad Marauders Low Light and Spirit 2 pack and Marauders Sgt. Slaughter

The more eagle eyed have noticed that Low Light and Spirit are sporting remixed accessories, while Slaughter appears to be getting recolored training gear that first appeared with Big Boa.

Marauders Low Light I have a strong association thanks to the DiC cartoon, and Marauders Slaughter was my first toy of the character, so I’m feeling pretty locked in with both offerings. Assuming they aren’t TOO BS exclusive offerings.


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Amazon has Marauder BBQ on sale for $15 right now too if anyone wants to catch up assembling them.


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With thanks to Aquantis Trading Center, the Sunbow Marvel Archive now hosts over 500 Marvel Productions model sheets for the 1980s G.I Joe animated series. Covering most episodes of the series, as well as some of the post-cartoon 1987 characters.

To view M.A.S.S Device, Revenge of Cobra and Season 1 models, head to https://sunbowmarvelarchive.blogspot...hero-1983.html

For Season 2 and 1987 models, head to https://sunbowmarvelarchive.blogspot...ro-part-2.html

4005 GI Joe GENI Scanning 0652 Cobra Commander.jpg600-57 GI Joe GENI Scanning B - 0199 lady jay coat ep 57.jpg600-00 1986 BATS_frint.jpg600-00 1987 GI Joe GENI Scanning C - 0151 Gung-Ho Dress.jpg

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