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I want to learn electronics but it seems like nowadays with microcontrollers you don't need to learn all that stuff.

If you can program, you can do practically anything.

It seems like electronics has been reduced to just a hobby.


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I'm sure all the electric engineers out there are glad to hear they can retire now.


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Even WITH programmable microcontrollers, you need a grasp on the fundamentals. Drawing to much power can damage the microcontroller, and over-current can easily fry LEDs and other components. You also have to understand the limitations of the microcontroller you are using. They aren't magic. Granted my most complex creation to date was a crude wavetable synth using an OG Arduino, a friggin ton of resistors(for a crude resistor-ladder style DAC), a touch strip style potentiometer and a 3.5mm jack.


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I guess machines build most electronics these days, but they have to be designed by a person. And if anyone wants it repaired instead of replaced when it breaks, a person needs to do that.

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