Another casualty of Warner Bros business decisions.

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Catch Final Space while you can.

Apparently Final Space, which is owned by Warner Bros, is being turned into another tax write-off a la Batgirl. Once the international streaming rights expire, it won’t be able to be streamed anywhere. DVDs will also not be available.

This really sucks, as this was one of the few recent shows that I really liked. I remember a bit of a fandom on this board so I thought I’d share.


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This just adds insult to injury. It's bad enough they didn't give the show a proper ending, but to just BURY it like this is terrible.

All these tax write offs feel INCREDIBLY short-sighted. I really don't know if WB is in bad enough shape that they NEED to do this, but they're kind of shooting themselves in the foot in the long term.

And I just feel bad for this entire generation of artists. So many shows that people put their blood, sweat, and tears into just...vanishing like they're nothing. Is it even worth it to try to work with WB anymore if you want to make cartoons?

It'd be nice that if when these companies wrote these shows off, they'd end up in the public domain. That way, the creators could at least put out a webcomic or something to finish their story for the fans. But, I don't think that's the case. These companies still OWN the rights to these shows, they just can't DO anything with them, because if they make their expenses back they have to pay back all the taxes they would have owed. All these write offs feel like they're really abusing this system.
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Wait, I thought Final Space was done at three seasons? You mean it's still on a cliffhanger? I only saw the first season.

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Terrible that you can't even get it digitally anymore. I would have liked to have grabbed it as it was a very good show.


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Zaslav wants the company debt load in better shape so he can sell the whole thing (Warner Discovery) to Comcast-Universal and greatly enrich himself in the process.
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