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Clue - Classic Edition
Clue 2023 Edition (Relases August 25th)
Dragon Warrior III
Dragon Warrior IV
Dragon Warrior V
Dragon Warrior VI
Final Fantasy Dimensions II
Final Fantasy III NES 3D
Final Fantasy IV
Jumanji - The Curse Returns
The Game Of Life 2
TMNT Legends


Street Fighter IV C.E.


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When it came to emulation, I used to play the fan-patched English translated versions of Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden and Super Robot Wars J back in the day. Tactical RPGs are great to pick up and put down whenever.

More recently I used to play the Dragon Village franchise games - specifically DVM and DV2 (as DV1 was not engaging, DVW was farmville-like and not my kind of game, DVB was some block matching thing and also not my kind of game.) I got out of DVM because they were not moving the story forward for years, I'd done basically everything, and then they took a hard swing into Pay2Win with their events. It's a gatcha game so it always had a slight element of that, but when they had an event where the only way you could win was by whaling, I noped out. Of course, it helped that I'd fallen into DV2 by then, which, while it had some mild gatcha elements, actually had an ongoing story and some actual RPG elements with individual characters(where DVM was focused on team building instead). It also had barely any monetization compartively.

A couple years ago though the parent company bought it back and unofficially stuck it into maintenance mode at the same time they released two new DV games, DVNEW and DVX. DVX was a even more autopilot version of DVM, so once I finished the story I put it aside to wait, and DVNEW's only point to me was that it finally put all the worldbuilding lore into a single story sequence I could go through, so I dropped that once I'd finished its story. Both of them died early this year, then they finally murdered DV2 a few months ago after over a year of no updates and even no events.

I still like the universe and the dragons and characters, but the only games they really seem to care about keeping around now are the original DV and DVM, and I'm not interested in investing the time to get caught back up in DVM. There's a new game DVC (Dragon Village Collection) which is more like Flight Rising being more focused on raising and breeding the various dragon types, but there doesn't seem to be much story, and I don't expect it to stick around more than a year with the rate they seem to open and close games.


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I have not played any ports/versions of games that weren't originally meant for mobile. I'd much rather play retro games on a console with gaming pad.

I've played a bunch of bishie dating apps, the company Shall We Date? was a fave. Most of the games had very similar gameplay, just different stories. They also used to be way raunchier XD Their current games, Obey Me! and the Nightbringer spinoff are more like FGO. Collect/enhance character cards, special events, etc. More of a slice of life feel to the stories, which is fun. Nothing high stakes. Plus: the MC's gender is never specified, always "they" in English. :)
Also playing Nu Carnival, an H yaoi game that's not even allowed on the regular app stores. Could use more diversity in the selection of men.

Playing the Aggretsuko game just to get the short extra animated clips. 3 more to go, then I'm done with this game. Just another match 3+ game.

Cat Game is a cat collector w/ cute graphics, but it is also getting dull with the constant cycle of making mats and spinning mini gachas.

Time Princess is a dressup/storybook game. There's so much you can do, it becomes overwhelming at times. I've given up on all but one of the minigames, and I fast forward through most of the stories w/out reading. It probably eats the most time out of all my other games. Even spent some money on it. I do enjoy the crazy fashion, but would still like to give it up at some point.

There's a bunch that I quit playing, might post on those another time.

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