2023 Allspark Halloween Costume Contest


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From the Front Page:

It's Spooky Season, Allsparkers! In keeping with the festivities of the season, we are hosting a Costume Contest! You need not participate to vote for your favorite, with the person receiving the most votes earning a prize. This is meant in good fun, so be kind and help your favorites climb to the top. We have a few ground rules to go over:

1. All users interested in entering must provide an image of their costume. It cannot be an old picture, it must be a costume for this year's Halloween.

2. Users interested in entering my enter only ONE costume for the contest. You get one shot, so make it count!

3. Costumes may be from any fandom, you aren't limited to Transformers or the like. Get creative!

4. No NSFW Costumes. Bloody parts are fine, but nothing explicit. Keep it PG-13, please. Regular Allspark posting rules apply.

5. Please place your entry in the temporary channel #2023 Costume Contest on Discord. This channel will be scrubbed of any chat, it is ONLY for image entries.

6. If your entry violates any rules, it will be removed and you will be messaged.

7. Users may upvote their favorite costumes using the "✅" reaction. This is how the winner will be determined. Any other reactions will not be counted, so make sure to use this to vote for your favorite. You may vote for as many entries as you like, the total number of ✅ will determine the winner. Do not react to your own images. Self-votes will be deducted from the total.

8. You do NOT have to participate in the contest to vote. Remember to check the thread periodically for updates and new entries. Vote for any that catch your eye!

9. The costume with the most ✅ at 12:00 PM PST Halloween night (10/31/2023) will be contacted by Allspark Staff Hazard Zoose for verification.

10. Any further questions can be addressed to @Council of Elders on Discord or Ask the Staff on the forums.

Enough with the rules, on to the PRIZE!

The winner of the costume contest will be sent a Transformers Legacy Commander Class Armada Optimus Prime, generously provided by Hazard Zoose!

See the submissions or submit your own, and most importantly, VOTE at #2023 Costume Contest on Discord, and feel free to repost and/or discuss on the Allspark Forums! Keep in mind, though, all voting will be done only on the Discord channel.
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Nonstop Baaka
Send me links to your pics once posted so I can upvote them in Discord. 😄
Though, I left the server ages ago so I'll have to see if I can get back in, too.
I've been kinda thinking about dressing up for Halloween this year anyway, but I'm not sure yet.

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