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    Traitor Watch - The 45 Thread The GOP will burn this entire country to the ground before they turn on Donald.
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    We live in a capitalist dystopia

    Our culture has successfully framed homelessness as a personal failure issue when instead it is a POLICY failure. There are far more empty homes in the country than homeless people. We have the money and resources to actually take care of everyone. We just choose not to because our system...
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    Florida, Florida, Florida

    at last; Florida Man has used his powers for good instead of evil.
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    What stupid thing did the GOP say or do this time? Episode 3!

    They won't. Because apparently it's a bigger problem that Beto used NAUGHTY LANGUAGE to call out the guy heckling the deaths of children.
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    The Biden-Harris Administration

    ...the frontrunner for 2024 was subject to a search warrant by the FBI on suspicion of selling nuclear secrets. He has the support of at minimum 90% of the Republican party. And Democrat leadership STILL thinks they can "reach across the aisle" to work things out. This is why they lose.
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    Traitor Watch - The 45 Thread ************ brought a NAIL to a gun fight.
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    The 2022 Midterms Thread

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    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    And the CDC has officially declared we are in the "**** off and die" phase of the pandemic.
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    Traitor Watch - The 45 Thread

    And it's starting...
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    The Random Image Thread

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    The Biden-Harris Administration

    In. What. *******. Possible. ASPECT. could this be true?!?!
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    Conspiracy lunatic thread - people who believe in absurd nonsense are dangerous

    We once had legislation in place that would've prevented someone like Jones from becoming famous by requiring anyone broadcasting to present any information of public importance in an honest unbiased manner. Proof once again that there is not a single flaw in today's society that cannot be...
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    Traitor Watch - The 45 Thread

    And all of a sudden Republicans are in favor of defunding the police.
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    Conspiracy lunatic thread - people who believe in absurd nonsense are dangerous

    Guess who does.
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    2022 Celebrity Death Thread
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