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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Oh I thought that was someone's custom when I saw it on twitter lol
  2. Future_Erika

    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Just realized that if Thundertron is a repaint he'll functionally be Leo Prime's Ultra Magnus lol.
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    Transformers Legacy Line Revealed

    Hell yeah to the beast wars characters! Also I personally loved Thundertron at the time, and the idea of a pirate faction, but don't really need a new one.
  4. Future_Erika

    LGBTQ+ Transformers fan thread

    I personally don't think lgbtq+ rep should be considered a spoiler. It's like the main way to get me to start something lol.
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    Disappointing Yellowing Mystery

    wasn't something to do with not being able to do in person factory inspections thanks to covid? also, doesn't Soundwave use a lot of paint?
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    Transformers: EarthSpark

    I hope the Maltos get a bigger house at some point.
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    Transformers: Rise (console MMO) rumored

    Y'know you think after all these years I'd be over jagex pivoting their transformers mmo into a "MOTA", but I still ponder about what could have been regularly. It'd be nice if one of these could get off the ground, outside of Asia, eventually. Unfortunately I feel like that'd involve actually...
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    Transformers: EarthSpark

    toy and new character talk
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    Shattered Glass Thread

    Oh that was fast. I'd be very tempted by him if I wasn't broke.
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    Transformers: EarthSpark

    finished the 10 episodes! Yeah the action was really cool. Great use of alt modes and abilities. Also enjoying the new characters and some of the redesigns! and most importantly(major episode 10 spoilers) Yeah I don't want to say too many spoilers either, but this is a kind of thing that I...
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    LGBTQ+ Transformers fan thread

    are personal pictures ok here? I'll put it under a spoiler just in case At the end of October I visited my long distance girlfriend(and her wife) for the first time and it was so amazing being in a progressive(despite being in texas) city where I could fully openly be myself with people I...
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    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts - rescheduled for 9 June 2023

    yes, girl good I will buy Not sure how I feel about her not having her iconic goatee, but I'll live. edit: The actual movie I probably won't even see for a few years. Still haven't watched Bumblebee but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the Arcee.
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    Hasbro Brand Team Roundtable Notes

    To be fair this question was apparently asked by a child.
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    Favourte Gimmicks?

    I do want to see more non-scramble city/"megazord" type combiners. Like either the multi-bot kind of super modes(which the weaponizers are basically the universal DIY version of that), or dedicated 2-3 member teams that *really* focus on getting the proportions right. Storywise I'm a sucker for...
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