New “Evergreen” Transformers Designs Surface

Following the officially-released designs called “Pretengineering” by Hasbro, new design forms for various characters in the currently growing “evergreen”¬†style showed up on Autobase Aichi, courtesy of Snakas. These new designs cover classic G1 characters like Shockwave, Wheeljack, and Grimlock – and even Barricade from the live-action movie franchise.

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Official Stock Photos of Wal-Mart Exclusive Reissue G1 Hot Rod Surface on

Some 15 years after the TRU Commemorative Series release of Rodimus Major, the first US-released reissue of the Generation 1 Hot Rod figure, comes a somewhat unexpected new reissue of the Autobot cavalier. First discovered on, the Walmart exclusive reissue bearing the Hot Rod name is currently up on with clear stock photos, albeit without a listed price.

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Over the last few years, Netflix has established itself as a viable platform for strong, striking original content, with such hits as Marvel’s Defenders series and the recent Voltron remake. This year, a new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power debuts on the network courtesy of Dreamworks Animation Television, notably beating out He-Man to getting a modern-era remake.

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Press Start! Transformers X Street Fighter Figures Now Up on Takara Tomy Mall

Snakas reports that the long-announced pair of Transformers X Street Fighter two-packs are now up for purchase via The figures include Ken with Chun Li and Ryu with M. Bison as new decoes of Generations figures.

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“Team Autobots” Custom McLaren to roll out at Gold Rush Rally 2018

It’s no Autobot Run, but it’s definitely going to turn heads regardless. Racer Mike Owens recently shared an Instagram video (embedded below) of a super-sweet custom McLaren, tricked out with an Optimus Prime-inspired car wrap from FML Industries! The custom McLaren will be on Owens’ team, competing at Gold Rush Rally 2018.

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