Don’t forget: The Transformers: The Movie is back in theaters September 27 only!

Just in case you haven’t been counting down the days until the 1986 animated movie returns to theaters, heads up: September 27 is a week away! Fathom Events is bringing back The Transformers: The Movie for a limited one-day screening on Thursday, September 27, in select US theaters. You can check to see if a theater near you is […]

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POTP Punch/Counterpunch is NOT misassembled

Do not adjust your set, OR your toy. While reports from sites initially seemed to indicate that the special Price Wars exclusive Punch/Counterpunch figure was misassembled, a detailed explanation from Redditor and Allspark Discord user Exastiken points out that this apparently isn’t the case. The toy is properly assembled, although the modification discussed elsewhere does grant a slightly easier transformation. […]

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Death Battle: Optimus Prime vs Gundam!

ScrewAttack delivers on their promised mecha hero showdown with their Optimus Prime vs. Gundam “Death Battle” episode! The throwdown is pretty wild, and a taste of the series’  fun exploration of the traditional Serious Business debate of “Who would win in a fight”, this time pitting the heroic Autobot leader against the RX-78-2 Gundam. Hasbro characters have featured before, with […]

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Tomica “The Last Knight” Optimus Prime and Bumblebee coming soon!

Takara Tomy have produced Tomica diecast vehicles for so long it feels like they’ve done them all. But as one might expect, there are always more to do. For one thing, they’re no stranger to Transformers vehicles, as recent releases like the Transformers Dark of the Moon and Transformers Prime ones show. And indeed, there’s a new pair of Tomica […]

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Transformers: Earth Wars to debut all-new twin characters!

The popular Transformers: Earth Wars mobile game has brought many hours of fun gameplay to the Transformers community since it hit screens in 2016. On September 14, Space Ape Games/Backflip Studios will bring in two all-new faces to keep the war going: twin characters Sentius Magnus and Sentius Malus! This press release detailing the characters’ origins and motivations was accompanied […]

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Allsparker Exastiken reports via the Allspark Discord Server that is having a Labor Day sale, and you’ve got some time left for some nice 25%-off deals on Transformers, Nerf, My Little Pony, Baby Alive, Sesame Street, and Hasbro games. The Transformers section alone already has some interesting product that would be neat to get at a discount — from […]

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New Siege listings: the Decepticon are coming!

Midtown Comics has new listings up for War For Cybertron: Siege figures, and they’re the first Decepticons we’ve heard tell of for the line. Battlemaster Blowpipe, Deluxe Skytread (a name we last saw as a Flywheels replacement in Titans Return), the Air Strike Patrol Micromasters, Voyager Megatron, and Leader Shockwave are all listed alongside the first wave of Autobots! Let […]

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