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Eberron: Rising from the Last War, a new D&D book

Dungeons & Dragons Melds Magic & Invention in Eberron: Rising from the Last War Coming this Fall Pre-order now on Amazon RENTON, WA – August 19, 2019 – The world of Eberron offers an industrial take on fantasy storytelling with trains powered by lightning, airships docking above cities lit by magical streetlamps and manufactured humanoids walking among the elves and humans of the […]

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Transformers Cyberverse, Going Cyber Panel – WonderCon 2019 Live Coverage

A behind-the-scenes look at writing Transformers: Cyberverse Season 1 from Cartoon Network and Hasbro Studios. The conversation will include the Cyberverse writing team: Gavin Hignight, Zac Atkinson, Mae Catt, Dan Salgarolo, story editor Randolph Heard, and Hasbro Studios’ Mikiel Houser and will be moderated by Jack Conway (Comic-Con Film School 101). The team will discuss the creation of Season 1 and give you a peak at what’s to come in Season 2! Friday […]

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Devastating! Studio Series Official Images From MCM London Comic-Con

Fresh from the Transformers presentation at MCM London Comic-Con, Hasbro has released official images of the newest Studio Series reveals! Simultaneously posted on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram account and on the Hasbro Twitter feed, this batch of figures includes our first look at Deluxe Shatter, a redeco of The Last Knight Deluxe Cogman, and a trio of devastating Decepticons. Deluxe Class Shatter from the […]

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The recently had a chance to speak with Transformers and Godzilla artist Matt Frank about his upcoming new comic book “Redman: The Kaiju Hunter” and find out more about the title and the brand as well! But first, here is a description of Redman from the US-based distributor, Night Shining, Inc.: Trapped in a desolate and yet somehow familiar […]

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Hasbro Exploring Further Brand Crossovers With “Alter Egos”?

Since Revolution, Hasbro fans have been enjoying a major “shared universe” event that crosses many of the company’s brands through toys and media. But what if that idea was a little crazier? Long-time Transformers fan Will Kinne has posted just that. In what is presented as his being mistakenly added to a mailing list by former BotCon/Fun Publications employee Pete […]

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Pete’s Robot Convention to Share What Would Have Been BotCon 2017 Exclusives

The organizers of Pete’s Robot Convention – taking place June 23 – 24 in Covington, KY – have announced that they will be showcasing the unused concepts that would have been the BotCon 2017 exclusive action figures and toys! In fact, in their announcement, they’ve already given us a look at one of the concepts: Action Master Skyfall from Titans […]

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Rare and Unproduced Transformers Items On Display at Pete’s Robot Convention

If you’ve always wanted a chance to see some of the rare, pre-production, and unproduced items from Transformers toy lines like Generation 2 and Beast Wars, you might want to look into Pete’s Robot Convention. The organizers have just released a new ad featuring some rarities that will be on display during the convention… and there is some amazing stuff […]

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