TFSource Sponsor News! MP-10 Convoy Golden Lagoon, MP-17+, Studio Series, UT Challenger, Magic Square & More!

Site sponsor TFSource updates this week with TakaraTomy Masterpiece Golden Lagoon Convoy and MP-17+ anime Prowl arriving soon, along with Ocular Max Magna and Hellion, Unique Toys Challenger, and new items from Magic Square in stock or coming soon, plus preorders like Studio Series 15-18, MPM-7 Bumblebee movie Bumblebee, and Perfect Effect Jetpower Revive Prime! Comments

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Transformers: Cyberverse Episode 4, “The Journey”, Available on YouTube

The fourth episode of Transformers: Cyberverse was released on YouTube today, just a day after its initial airing. While Hasbro has released My Little Pony: Equestria Girls content free to view in a delayed fashion on YouTube and other series via paid season passes, they now appear to be releasing Cyberverse free on YouTube as a regular distribution channel. Comments

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