The Spark in Review: Nov. 17, 2017

It’s been a week of first impressions as the first Power of the Primes Deluxes have filtered into Target shelves, fan hands, and YouTube reviews, probably in that order, alongside further reveals of Masterpiece Barricade and especially Dinobot. Meanwhile, the Titans have wandered back with the first two episodes of Machinima’s Titans Return series on go90. Comments

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TFSource Opens Preorders for MMC’s R-31 Ater Beta and R-32 Stray

Newly available for preorder from site sponsor TFSource, the obligatory companion piece to Mastermind Creations’ Aero Alpha: a familiar sports-car swordsman in two distinct decoes, as Ater Beta or Stray. The figure shares some tooling and engineering with his winged brother in arms, but a distinct aesthetic and a new alternate form that just looks delicious in black. Comments

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The Titans Have in Fact Returned – Machinima Titans Return Episodes 1 & 2 Live on go90

The wait is over! Machinima has launched not one but two episodes of Titans Return on the go90 streaming service. Picking up with a summary of the events of Combiner Wars, the episodes set the stage for the new, significantly taller, conflict of the series. There’s no sign of any Titan Mastery as yet, but there sure are Titans! Comments

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