Hasbro Abandons Charade, Starts Deliberately Mashing Your Nostalgia Buttons with new Transformers: Collaborative items

Listen up, 80’s and 90’s kids: our Awesome Inside Sources tell us Hasbro is about to unleash wave after wave of toys that will remind you of the ever-creeping passage of time celebrate decades of fandom love for timeless brands! We haven’t seen a lineup drop this big since the Power of the Primes leak, and this really shows that Hasbro isn’t even bothering with the pretense of “let’s just make toys for the fun of it!” anymore, they’re going straight for your wallet

Transformers: Collaborative celebrates fan-favorite properties, especially those celebrating big brand milestones — and this exclusive look at what 2021 and 2022 might have to offer will give you all you can handle!

Did you know Sonic: The Hedgehog on Sega Genesis is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021? Hasbro knew. Hasbro knew you knew!

2022 brings with it a bunch more milestones, and all of them are celebrated in style!

And where would a Hasbro line be without store exclusives to give them an avenue to make even more figures that tie in with other figures? Looks like the War for Cybertron Trilogy formula is alive and well here, and not about to let up any time soon.

And you know how Hasbro plays the game: if the big ideas don’t get you, the pack-ins will! Our Awesome Inside Sources were kind enough to also let slip the individual solicitation slides for each of these upcoming Transformers: Collaborative items… as well as a glimpse at an even more Collaborative future!

Jinkies! All this is easily the most exciting news we’ve gotten since the BotBots graced the ill-fated Transformers collectible card game! Whatever you do, don’t look at the calenda– aw, scrap, too late. But it was nice while it lasted, eh?
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